Statues and Wall Decor Transform Home Decor

I have found myself assisting my son in the operation of his online website. It’s a store that sells unique gifts and home decor items. At first just figuring out how to do things took more time than I could afford and I didn’t even pay that much attention to what was being sold.

Now that I have learned the ins and outs I have been taking a good look at what is being sold. For the most part it is art in one form or another. It may be statues, wall decor or even bookends, but they all are artistic.

I never was one who cared much about art. But having looked at some of the incredible pieces that my son offers I have come to a late appreciation of it.

Many of the statues that he carries are simply beautiful. They may be original pieces or reproductions of famous artwork. The may be of animals, religious figures, mythical gods or dragons. The styles range from classical, Egyptian, Asian, Contemporary, Art Deco and even Gothic. There is something rich and appealing in each one.

I am now going to art shows. I have come to appreciate the enormous talent that it takes to produce a good work of art. A couple of weeks ago I went to an art show where you could watch the artists work. Not only were there paintings and statues, but outside you could watch large statues being made with blowtorches. You could watch the intricacies of the clay molds that were being made and you could talk to the artists as they worked. It was fascinating and I wanted to buy almost everything that I saw. The drawback was price. Original works of handmade art are incredibly expensive. Six Thousand Dollars for something small and upwards of $30,000.00 for a medium sized sculpture or painting. A full size statue may cost more than $100,000.00. These are well out of my league.

I never could understand why people would spend astronomical amounts of money for art. I’m still not sure that I understand the $4,000,000.00 that one painting may sell for but I do understand the allure now. At my son’s site you get beautiful quality statues and other works of art for between $50.00 and $400.00. Larger outside statues may be a little more. Of course they do not look like the $50,000.00 versions. But they are good enough to add some really nice touches to your home decor. I have four new statues now and a couple of sculptured wall hangings. People look and them and complement them. They know as well as I do that these are not high priced originals but we enjoy looking at them. Forget the lofty debates about art. I am not versed enough to know one art form from another or what makes the works of certain artists special. I just know what I like to look at and perhaps that is the point of art when you get beyond the cocktail circuit discussions.

For years I’ve had tables with nothing on them but lamps and shelves and walls with blank spaces. That is no longer the case and I like walking around my house much more than before. I am easily entertained. I wish that I had done this sooner.