Home Decorating Tips For a Budget

How can you decorate your home on a budget? Making small spaces seem larger and bringing spice to an otherwise boring décor. Take a look at some of these home decorating tips and apply what you like to your new home decorating schemes.

The simplest, cheapest way to change the whole look of a room is to take on the walls. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to change the tone and feeling of a room. Warm colors like shades of deep orange, soothing yellows, and autumnal reds relax the feel of a room right away. A new coat of paint always freshens up the look of a room and with a change of color, you bring a new level of depth to the room’s décor.

The next step to overhauling the entire room is as inexpensive as painting and just as dramatic. It extends the tone of the room and offers a focal point – art work. A large piece of art on the wall brings class to your room and defines your interests as well as the feeling you’ll get when you walk in the doorway.

It used to be that art, even prints of great art work, were exorbitantly expensive. The art of printing, however, has advanced to make art affordable and accessible for anyone who would like to display their favorite piece in their home. Even the largest pieces of art can suit your home decorating pocketbook, no matter how tight your budget.

Once you choose the right piece of art work to go with your newly painted walls, it’s time to pick the lighting. Warm tones especially are conducive to strategic lighting. Try a chandelier for a foyer or a dining room, one that has a dimmer switch. Or you could place large pillar candles on the mantle to light a beautiful piece of art work from below. The flickering light and shadows will blend with the color you’ve chosen for the wall to create a frame for your art piece that makes it completely original. Choose scented candle to increase the ambience.

Accentuate your choice in large art work with smaller prints and pieces. Place them in pattern – diagonal lines, diamond shapes – or scatter them haphazardly about the room. Frames with stands can showcase artwork that highlights the colors and accents in the main piece. Place these on book shelves and end tables to build your overall effect and still point the focus toward the large work of art in the center of the room.