Home Decor: The Amazing Power of Wall Art

Many people love to experience all that the world has to offer. They enjoy living the glamorous life that is full of fun, action and excitement. Also, people enjoy driving classy sleek cars, wearing spectacular fashionable trends, and dining at respected upscale places; nevertheless, a home represents the true identity of an individual. Even more, the unique style within a home, such as the distinct beauty of wall art, is what separates it from all the rest.

Home decorating is an inspiring view of the owner’s passionate thoughts and unique ideas. Many items can accent a home such as antique furniture, creative sculptures and statues, classic glass ornaments, or even amazing marble flooring. These fantastic elements seem to add glamour and style to a home; however, wall art can bring any room to life. This type of art offers an exciting and unique type of flavor to any decor, while providing the necessary class and sophistication for a room to stand out. A beautiful painting has the power to emotionally reach the hearts of those who view it; therefore, it is important for artwork to place just right in a home.

Wall art can be expressed in a variety of styles from some of the most talented artists in history such as Vincent VanGogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvado Dali, Henri Rouseau and a host of other fine artistic creators. In addition, some of these fabulous styles include Contemporary, Vintage, Abstract, Figurative, Romantic, Landscape and many more. Moreover, when trying to decide on what type of art style is appropriate in each room of the home, it is significant to consider factors such as the lighting and feel of a room. More importantly, the type of room and what it is used for should play a major role in its decor.

Decorating a home is a great privilege. It is always exciting to place valuable and beautiful wall art in its proper place to enhance the appearance of any home. In addition, home decor portrays the passion and personality of the individual who owns it, and should offer nothing less than its best.

Home Decorations and Art Works

Many art collectors are confused on how to make home decorations with their precious art collections. Maybe their painting can’t match the sofa and other furniture, or the color contrast between the art work and rooms are not in harmony. It’s because there is distinction between art works and decoration designs. Only when the collectors learn how to select the art works that can match their rooms, these problems can be settled gradually.

First, one matter we should be clear is that the display method of art works at home is different from that in gallery. It’s for private appreciation, not for the public; so the works can be arranged in different free styles as we like.

Of art works, planar paintings are most suitable for home decorations. The display positions should be chosen at walls that are complete and suitable for appreciation. Except themes and styles of painting works, we should consider whether the painting area, the wall area and neighboring furniture in good proportion or not. Besides, how to keep a lively balance between the painting hanging position and and neighboring furniture should also be considered. Small-sized paintings are good choice when small-sized walls and large-sized paintings could make congestion effect; large-sized paintings are preferred when large-sized walls and small-sized paintings would look empty and blank. Anyway, proper blank space left on the walls is important, or art effects of paintings would be reduced.

For solemn effect, paintings can be arranged in symmetrical style. For instance, one or more paintings can be hung in the upper central part of sofa, fireplaces or berths; while unsymmetrical arrangement could produce lively effect. Generally, the edges of a painting should not be too close to furniture edges, and at least 20-30cm gaps should be left; color of paintings and frames should agree to that of furniture, which would produce a harmonious beauty.